Health Sciences

For future health care professionals, we offer collaborative classrooms, specialized labs, and real world experience. It’s no wonder our grads perform above the national average on board exams required for employment—the same board exams administered to four-year university students.

Employment Potential

More than nine full- and part-time jobs available for every Dental Assistant grad; and nearly seven full- and part-time jobs available for every Health Information Technology grad.

Graduate Success

Our grads get careers. In fact, 100 percent of our 2013 Diagnostic Medical Sonography and Medication Assistant grads were employed within six months of graduation; with 100 percent of those grads employed in a program-related field.

Learning by Doing

Flexibility and Access

  • Programs with part-time options include Nursing-Associate Degree, Practical Nursing, Medical Assistant, Health Care Business Services, Health Information Technology, and Gerontology.
  • Online programs include Gerontology and Health Care Business Services.
  • Programs are offered in Green Bay and beyond. See what’s offered at your local campus or regional learning center.
  • If the program you’re interested in has a waitlist, consider completing your general education requirements while you wait to start the program (waitlists are often only a year on length!).