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Sarah Stackhouse receives NWTC’s Soaring Recent Alumni award

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Sarah Stackhouse
Sarah Stackhouse

A dual graduate from NWTC, in 2015 and 2020, Sarah Stackhouse has a story that spans continents, career fields, and educational systems. She started taking online classes through NWTC while studying abroad in Thailand in 2013. When she returned to the United States, she attended NWTC’s Green Bay campus and completed an associate degree in business management in 2015. After NWTC, she went on to earn her bachelor’s degree in international business management. Between 2013 and the present day, Stackhouse has been on various exchange programs and has visited nearly a dozen countries each year.

Now, as an international admission counselor for UW - Eau Claire, she can blend her passions for travel, international education, and helping others achieve their educational dreams. She also gets to utilize her various degrees, including her second NWTC credential, the digital marketing associate degree she earned in 2020. For her, international experiences are about “becoming part of the communities you visit – learning and respecting their culture.” To help share that message, Stackhouse pursued a lifelong goal and became a published author in 2020, with her children’s story “Opening Our Eyes to the World.” The impetus behind the book is exposing younger children to international thinking and getting them interested in travel in elementary school. For Stackhouse, too many children enter high school or college without knowledge of international programs. Her goal is to share the joys of exchange programs and travel with younger generations, inspiring them to explore.