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New NWTC location ‘removes barriers to success’

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In June, NWTC opened a new location on the east side of Green Bay through a partnership with the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Green Bay. Located at the Boys and Girls Club’s 1451 University Avenue facility, the site allows students and community members access to college resources without having to commute across the city.

“This learning center will be a resource to meet each student where they are and remove barriers to their success,” said Dr. Colleen Simpson, NWTC vice president of Student Services.

The new NWTC location offers various services. Students can use high-speed internet to take online classes, study, work on small group assignments, and meet with on-site success coaches to learn about college resources and receive academic and career advising.

Through this partnership, NWTC can also offer additional outreach experiences for K-12 students. In August, NWTC brought its Electromechanical Mobile Lab to the new location to give young students the chance to get hands-on with manufacturing equipment and learn how to wire switchboards and read blueprints.

Learn more about the new learning center and offerings at