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‘Thanks for not giving up on me’: Next One Up provides extra layer of support

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Helping hands image
Helping hands image

Navigating college – full of unknown hallways, faces, and classrooms – can be a challenging experience for new students. For those who may not have the same background as the other 80 percent of students, college can seem especially daunting.  

To help create an inclusive environment, NWTC developed the Next One Up program. Designed for incoming students from ethnically diverse backgrounds, Next One Up provides social and academic support to help students navigate the college experience and achieve their goals. The program is currently open to College of Business students; NWTC plans to expand the program in the future.  

A key element of Next One Up is providing a dedicated time and space where students can meet and connect. Students can participate in monthly workshops geared towards academic success, career planning, leadership, and much more.   

“My role is to provide an extra layer of support,” said Danielle Freeman, Next One Up program advisor. “We want our students to feel a sense of belonging here, that is one of the key indicators towards their success.”

Freeman’s interactions are proving to be impactful to students. “Thanks for not giving up on me,” said a program participant. “I don’t have the greatest support system and you’re one of the few people who have reached out and encouraged me to keep going.”