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Eight-week course strategy gains national recognition

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The Bellwether award
The Bellwether award

In January, NWTC achieved national acclaim for an innovative strategy aimed at improving student success. The Bellwether College Consortium selected NWTC’s new “8-Week Advantage” course model as a Top 10 Bellwether Award Finalist in the category of Planning, Governance, and Finance.

With 8-Week Advantage, NWTC is transitioning its course format from 15-week semesters to eight-week sessions. What sets the transition apart: NWTC is going beyond simply compressing classes. The College is intentionally using the redesign to build in new best practices college-wide, improving instruction and services for students.

“Being chosen as a finalist is a high honor,” said Dr. Jeff Rafn, NWTC president. “The nationally recognized Bellwether Award focuses on cutting-edge, trendsetting programs worthy of replication. This recognition reflects the outstanding work of the 8-Week Advantage Steering Committee, faculty, and staff. This transformative work required every one of us to change our thinking, processes, and curriculum.”

By fall of 2021, nearly all NWTC academic programs will be offered in eight-week sessions. For more information, go to: