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Early college experience starts Frechette’s path to success

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Ronald Frechette, NWTC Law Enforcement Associate Degree alumnus
Ronald Frechette, NWTC Law Enforcement Associate Degree alumnus

Ronald Frechette’s NWTC journey began when he was a senior at Menominee Indian High School (MIHS). Looking to push himself, he started in NWTC Shawano’s 4 x 4 program. The program allows high students to take general studies college courses while still in high school – saving them time and money on their college degree.

After completing his 4 x 4 courses, Frechette jumped right into NWTC’s Law Enforcement Associate Degree (LEAD). Many in his family hadn’t completed education beyond high school, and he wanted to set a good example for his younger siblings. “I wanted to make people feel proud,” he said.

With LEAD, students can obtain law enforcement officer certifiability over the course of two years. Freschette earned his degree in May 2019 and started with the Menominee County Sheriff’s Office as a patrol deputy the same month.

Kate Mikle, MIHS principal, is amazed by the perseverance and resilience of the 4 x 4 students. “Many students balanced not only college classes, but sports, high school classes, and, of course, life – to get a head start on college and their career,” Mikle said. “The best part is seeing them succeed and serve as strong leaders in their community.”