Confidential Coaching is Available for ALL Stages of Development:

Launch Stage

Are you thinking about, or are you in the planning stages of, starting a new business? The Small Business Initiative is here to help you determine if you have the key entrepreneurial qualities and talents that are indicators of a successful business owner. Discover your personal vision of success: professional and financial goals. Discuss the importance of a business plan, feasibility study, building a business model, defining your target market, identifying funding, and more. 

Grow Stage

Already started your own business? The Small Business Initiative team can help you address a specific challenge or opportunity involving marketing, branding, finance, human resources, leadership, and other topics. We can work with you to update or revise your business plan to include plans for new growth opportunities or challenges that your business may face.

Thrive Stage

Seasoned business owners often are faced with new challenges or opportunities. Whether that is introducing a new product into the market, or hiring new team members, we can assist. Our business coach can join your efforts in identifying key business opportunities and work with local strategic partners to propose a feasible solution.

For all Small Business Initiative Questions please contact:
Meridith Jaeger, Dean of Corporate Training & Economic Development