Our Services

Entrepreneur & Small Business Owner Programming, Workshops

At the Small Business Initiative, we strive to be Northeast Wisconsin's number one resource for entrepreneurial training opportunities. Whether you are looking to start a business, build a business model, write a business plan or set your business on a strong path for growth - we have specialized programming that will fit your needs. Check out our workshops page for more information. 

One-on-One Business Coaching

At the Small Business Initiative, your business questions get answered - no matter what stage you are in! With our real-world business management experience, we can help you with questions regarding topics such as business planning, business management, financial statement analysis, cash flow management, bank financing, leadership, human resources, social media and, market plan development.  Learn about One-on-One Business Coaching.

Artisan & Business Center

Do you dream of turning your artistic talents into a budding business?  NWTC's Artisan & Business Center provides business coaching and support for aspiring entrepreneurs and growing new businesses.  Learn about our Artisan & Business Center.

Commercial Kitchens and Incubators

Make your food-based business concept a reality with these business resources or services. Learn about Commercial Kitchens and Incubators.


For all Small Business Initiative questions please contact:
Meridith Jaeger, Dean of Corporate Training & Economic Development