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Welcome to the Small Business Initiative at NWTC. Are you looking to take your business to the next level? Want to turn your entrepreneurial idea into a business? The Small Business Initiative is a great place to start!

The Small Business Initiative (SBI) is the comprehensive resource in Northeast Wisconsin to assist in the development of entrepreneurs and growth of local small businesses. The Small Business Initiative provides customized coaching and workshops with the help of our team of experienced business owners, entrepreneurs, marketing, operations, legal and financial professionals. Let us help you put your business on the path to success through our specialized programming. 

What can you do at the Small Business Initiative? 

  • Receive one-on-one coaching
  • Participate in team building programs
  • Network and receive referrals to professional service providers
  • Get marketing and graphic design advice for business
  • Learn from business-focused workshops
  • Attend special events centered on small business success
  • Assess your entrepreneurial talents
  • Get the resources you need to launch or develop your business.
  • Earn a credential, take a class, or attend a seminar/workshop.
  • Get inspired by the latest trends, tips, and thought leadership. 

Visit our office!

The Small Business Initiative is located in the Advance Business and Manufacturing Center building on the NWTC Green Bay Campus.

Contact the Small Business Initiative today! or call (920) 498-6379

Are you considering starting a business?

NWTC BOOST Entrepreneurial Boot Camp Image

Do you have an idea for a business, but have no idea where to start? The BOOST 5 Day Entrepreneurial Boot Camp is an intensive program that is designed to provide you with the tools you need to turn an idea or opportunity into a successful business!

BOOST Entrepreneurial Boot Camp is a new program that is scheduled over five days at the Advance Business & Manufacturing Center in Green Bay. The format includes learning activities as individuals and as a group, interactive dialogue with the presenters, individual project work on your business idea and opportunities to network with presenters and classmates. The topics covered in this program are a sampling of high demand areas that any entrepreneur would be seeking for approval of a product and/or service. They include:
  • Risk and inspiration to begin the journey of an entrepreneur
  • Accounting
  • Legal Matters
  • Marketing, Branding, Social Media
  • Local Resources
  • Capital and Banking
  • Business Insurance
The goal of this bootcamp is to provide you with working tools to utilize in additional training programs over the course of the business development process. The additional investment of time and energy will yield the following results:
  • Establish the initial framework necessarty to create and/or revise a solid business plan
  • Create a presentation showcasing initial business plan highlights and present to an executive panel of investors, business leaders and entrepeneurship coaches
  • Develop the foundational strategy fora comprehensive marketing plan and branding platform for the service/product
Class Schedule - Green Bay, WI (Advance Bus. & Mfg. Ctr.):
Wednesday  2/6/19    5pm to 9pm
Thursday      2/7/19    5pm to 9pm
Friday           2/8/19    5pm to 9pm
Saturday      2/9/19     9am to 3pm
Sunday        OFF
Monday        2/11/19   5pm to 9pm

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Class Schedule - Green Bay, WI (Advance Bus. & Mfg. Ctr.):
Wednesday  5/15/19    5pm to 9pm
Thursday      5/16/19    5pm to 9pm
Friday           5/17/19    5pm to 9pm
Saturday       5/18/19    9am to 3pm
Sunday        OFF
Monday        5/20/19   5pm to 9pm

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Participatnts are eligible for awards providing complementary professional services and scholarships for additional training. In addition, all participants completing the Boot Camp will receive a certificate of completion and graduation gift. Tickets cost $199.

More Information:

Contact NWTC Small Business Initiative, Michelle Madl-Soehren (920) 498-6379