Public Safety & Security Training

Public Safety and Security Training
Conferences to consulting. Tactics to technology. The Public Safety team at the Corporate Training & Economic Development department will partner with you and your agency to meet your training needs with customized and relevant training resources. Leveraging our state of the art facilities and professional, real-world instructors, we provide the latest and best in knowledge and skills to our clients in Public Safety and Corrections, Private Security, Firefighting-Rescue Services, Military Police, and others.

Private Security and Civilian

Security Guards in front of a computer screen

Providing professional weapons and tactics training to security officers, guard forces and civilians. 

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Law Enforcement and Corrections

Police officer and a medical examiner

Basic to advanced and everything in bet​ween - we will develop and deliver courses that meet the needs of your officers, supervisors and administrators - when and where you need it. 

Firefighting & Emergency Medical Services

Fire fighters in front of a fire engine

Serving full-time and volunteer agencies, NWTC offers courses, instruction and facilities that meet the demanding standards of modern firefighting.

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Emergency Management & Incident Command

Incident commander safety vest

NWTC is a leading provider of Incident Command & Emergency Management training to all types of public and private agencies. Whether you need to comply with NIMS training requirements or you want specific Incident Command training for your organization, contact us for an assessment.

Universal Driving Facility

Parked row of Police vehicles
Located in Howard, Wisconsin, the Universal Driving Facility (UDF ) will enhance emergency vehicle operations training for the NWTC Public Safety Department as well as Law Enforcement, EMS and Fire departments around the district.

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