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The EMS department at NWTC is a certified training center for EMT and Paramedic education as well as being a Regional Training Center for the American Heart Association. Our mission is to meet and advance the changing educational needs of the public, pre-hospital and hospital care providers by advancing both the art and science of medicine in the practice of emergency medicine. Community health and safety in the NWTC district depend upon predominately volunteer emergency caregivers, trained by NWTC to function in demanding circumstances.

Our programs deliver comprehensive training which provide the student with realistic situations that EMS personnel at all levels face daily in the line of duty. The health and well being of our communities and ultimately the sick and injured patient rely on the ability of our students to make well educated decisions.

Our training embraces learner centered education where the students participate in hands on real life scenarios in a simulated patient environment. We challenge students to exercise their knowledge and perform their skills in manner that maintains the highest level of safety both for themselves and the patients they ultimately serve. We provide a variety of courses which apply to all levels of EMS education.

The resources of our training center feature:

  • Wisconsin certified full-time and adjunct lead instructors with a broad diversity of field experiences and numerous years of field experience.
  • Wisconsin Technical College teaching certification.
  • A large and varied group of experienced adjunct training staff (assistants)
  • Wisconsin approved and national standard curricula (exceeds national standards)
  • Training Equipment and supplies that exceed state standards
  • SMART classroom technology and audio-visual equipment adaptable to remote classrooms
  • An extensive library of audio-visual aids and inter-loan capabilities
  • State of the art audio-visual aids and inter-loan capabilities
  • Human patient simulator and other highly technical training equipment
  • Ongoing Professional development for enhancing the skills of our EMS Instructional Staff

The EMS team is committed to training in the most current curriculum possible in order to challenge the student and make their educational experience as rewarding as possible. We strive to make our training interactive, learner-focused and relevant by using hands-on skills in simulated field scenarios. We challenge students to exercise their knowledge and to perform their skills in a way that delivers the top degree of safety, the best standards of care, the utmost of responsibility and the highest dedication to the art of emergency medical care for the sick and injured in the field.


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