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Motorcycle Classes

Northeast Wisconsin Technical College offers motorcycle safety and training courses for all levels of riders – whether you're a beginning rider or just need a refresher.

Successfully complete any of the rider training courses below and receive a motorcycle test skills waiver to get your Class M motorcycle license. 

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Basic Rider Course:

  • 5 hours online pre-course work
  • 11 hours of hands-on range work
  • Motorcycles are provided by NWTC and must be used for this course
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Basic Rider Course 2 (BRC 2):

  • For those returning to riding or seeking a refresher course
  • 5 hours online pre-course work
  • 7 hours of hands-on range work 
  • Bring your own licensed motorcycle plus proof of registration and insurance
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Register for either Basic Rider or BRC 2 course.

  • Scooter operation instruction follows same format as listed for Basic Rider Course (BRC)
  • NWTC has a limited number of scooters available for your use
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MSF Online Pre-Course Work

  • The Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF)'s eCourse is now required to be completed fewer than 30 days prior to the class start date. 
  • After signing up for the BRC or BRC2 class, NWTC will email you a unique eCourse link within 4-7 business days. This eCourse link allows you to register for FREE (a $39.99 value)! 
  • Proof of completion is required; please bring a copy of your course completion certificate to class.

Learn more about the MSF eCourse.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do these classes consist of?

In the online course pre-work learners will be provided with ways to minimize risk and handle special riding situations. 

During the riding portion learners will be coached to develop the physical skills of basic control including straight line riding, stopping, turning and shifting and then move on to more advanced skills in stopping quickly, cornering and swerving. 

Do I need my temporary permit before class begins?

A motorcycle temporary permit from the Department of Transportation is not required to enroll in or attend the Motorcycle Rider Course. Effective October 1, 2006, individuals completing a Basic Motorcycle Rider Course are not required to hold a motorcycle temporary permit before they receive their Class M (motorcycle) license. In other words, if a student decides to take the motorcycle course and passes, he/she may present the yellow copy of the Motorcycle Skills Test Waiver Authorization (MV3575 form received upon class completion) at the Department of Transportation, then take and pass the written knowledge test and pay only the Class M fee. 

Students who want to practice riding the motorcycle on the roadways prior to attending the motorcycle course will need to pass the written knowledge test at the Department of Transportation and pay the temporary Permit fee. Individuals under 18 years of age who want a temporary permit for the third time will need verification of enrollment to present to the Department of Transportation to obtain their temporary permit. The MV3575 Motorcycle Skills Test Waiver Authorization is the required document and is available, after enrollment and payment, by calling the NWTC Traffic Safety Office at (920) 498-5526 or (800) 422-6982, ext. 5526. 

What supplies will I need?

The learner is required to wear the appropriate riding gear for riding sessions, including long non-flare pants, long sleeve shirt or jacket, sturdy shoes that cover ankles, full-fingered gloves, eye protection and a DOT-approved helmet. A limited number of helmets are available for student use. 

What size motorcycles are used for the Basic Rider course?

According to State of Wisconsin guidelines, motorcycles used in the basic rider course are 350cc or smaller. NWTC has a variety of makes and models available for student use designed to accommodate individual size specifications. 

How old does a person need to be to attend the class?

Learners must be 15 ½ years of age and have completed Driver Education Theory. 

What are the requirements for successful course completion?

The learner must:

  • Complete required MSF eCourse prior to first day of class
  • Attend all classes
  • Be on time for class
  • Sign and turn in Liability Waiver Form
  • Participate in learning and class discussions
  • Provide written answers to study questions
  • Pass the riding assessment that measure riding competencies

Will I get my motorcycle license if I pass the class?

Upon satisfactory completion of the class, the learner will be provided with a MV3575 Motorcycle Test Skills Waiver Authorization and will not have to take the skills/road test at the Department of Transportation. The Waiver Form will be entered by the instructor electronically to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation exam station. This will entitle the individual to a Class "M" license provided other licensing requirements are met. 

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