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Save time and money by taking summer classes

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NWTC student enjoying summer weather on the Green Bay campus patio.
NWTC student enjoying summer weather on the Green Bay campus patio.

Are you looking to make the most of your summer? Taking a course at NWTC is an easy way to stay on track with your academic goals during your summer break. For many students, summer courses are an opportunity to take classes that they might not be able to fit into their regular academic schedule, catch up on missed credits, or get ahead in their coursework without having to sit on waitlists for gen eds.   

Summer courses can be especially important if you are trying to graduate early, transfer to another school, or knock out program requirements at a lower cost. Abi Beth took 13 credits at NWTC that transferred to her program at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. Because of those credits, she will graduate early and save thousands of dollars.    

Abi Beth
I will save around $8,000 in tuition because I am going to graduate a semester early.

Abi Beth

Abi's story is a perfect example of how summer courses can set you up to achieve academic and financial success. 


Another benefit of NWTC's summer courses is the variety of delivery methods. Not sure you want to take classes for your entire summer break? We don’t blame you. That is why we offer General Studies courses that can be completed in as little as four weeks over the summer. The accelerated pace allows you to complete requirements quickly - and still find ample time to enjoy your summer break.

Taking summer courses can be a fun and enriching experience. It is a great way to explore new subjects, learn new skills, or connect with other students who share your interests. Whether you are looking to challenge yourself academically or want to stay engaged with your coursework during the summer months, NWTC offers a wide range of options to meet your needs.

Registration for summer classes is now open – be sure to register early, as these courses can fill up quickly. Not sure what courses or programs are right for you? Talk with an academic advisor today

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