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Why not earn credit for what you already know? Just think, you could take one of the exams below and skip the class!

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National Standardized Exams

You may earn credits toward your degree through one of these standardized tests which measure how well you have mastered the content and skills of your course. With a successful score, you may receive college credits!

Advanced Placement (AP) Exam

  • Who: High school students typically take the AP Exam. Many students prepare by taking an AP-approved high school course. (If you’re not a high school student, please contact a local high school to see if the school could accommodate you.)

  • What: See list of NWTC courses for which you can earn credit through AP Exams.

  • When: AP Exam is only offered in May. See the full list of exam dates.

  • Where: If you’re a high school student, contact your guidance counselor or contact AP Services for Students ( to get the names and contact information of local AP coordinators. (If you’re not a high school student, please contact a local high school to see if the school could accommodate you.)

  • Cost: See current exam fees.



UExcel Excelsior Exam

GED® 2014 Exam

  • Who: Students who have taken the GED® 2014 exam and received a score of 175 or higher in the Mathematics and/or Reasoning through Language Arts subject tests.
  • What: See list of NWTC courses to find which courses you can earn credit through GED® 2014 completion.
  • When: GED® subject tests can be completed at NWTC’s Assessment Center. Students must create an account through, and register for testing sessions through that website. Testing sessions are open weekly, year-round. At successful completion of the GED® and evidence, per the Official GED® Transcript, of scores of 175+ in Mathematics and/or Reasoning through Language Arts, students can process GED® for CPL through NWTC College Admissions and Enrollment. GED® test scores are accepted going back to January 2014.
  • Where: If you are a GED® Completer, contact NWTC Admissions and Enrollment to process your GED® as CPL.
  • Cost: The cost, per each of the four subject tests, is $33.75. Learn more about the cost of the GED 2014 exam.

International Baccalaureate (IB) Exam

  • Who: Students ages 16-19 who attend a high school that is approved to offer IB programming. Many students prepare for the exam by taking an IB-approved high school course.

  • What: See list of NWTC courses for which you can earn credit through IB Exams.

  • When: See exam dates.

  • Where: Contact your high school guidance counselor to find a test center.

  • Cost: Contact your high school guidance counselor for more information.   

More About National Standardized Exams

  1. Credit can only be awarded if the course has not already been taken or transferred from another institution.

  2. A passing grade on the exam results in the awarding of the appropriate number of credits.

  3. Make an appointment with your academic advisor to discuss further.

  4. Cost varies by exam. See links above.


NWTC Credit by Exam

You can also earn college credit through NWTC Credit by Exams which are developed by NWTC faculty members and cover course competencies. To be eligible to take a Credit by Exam, you must be in good credit standing with the College and accepted into an associate degree, technical diploma, or certificate. You may only attempt Credit by Exam within a specific course (per catalog number) once.

Cost: $50.00 per course

  • Fees are non-refundable regardless of exam outcome and cannot be applied to the cost of future tuition, nor eligible for financial aid
  • If two types of credit for prior learning methods are required for one course, the student will only be charged the higher fee of the two.

How to Test Out of a Course

  1. Find a CPL eligible course and view course outcomes..

  2. Schedule a CPL consultation.

  3. Apply and pay the CPL fee.

  4. Within a few business days, the CPL Coordinator will notify you your exam is available.

  5. Go to the NWTC Assessment Center to take the exam within three weeks. Bring your student ID!
    You may also choose to take the Credit by Exam at one of our regional learning campuses. Please notify the CPL Coordinator.

  6. The exam will be scored within two weeks; you will be notified via e-mail if you have passed or failed the exam. A minimum score of 80% is required to pass.

  7. If you have passed the exam, your transcript is updated with "EX" grade and will not affect your GPA.