Student Background Checks & Health Records

Background checks and health records

Background Checks and Health Records for Students

State law requires students in specific programs to complete a Criminal/Caregiver Background Check to fully complete program requirements. Students may also be required to provide documentation of immunizations and vaccinations prior to beginning clinical classes at hospitals, medical clinics, and nursing homes.

NWTC uses as an online vendor for students to complete the Background Check and upload Health Records documentation.

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for instructions on how and when to complete your requirements and upload health records.

Next Steps for: Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Cost: $75.00

When to Complete: Due at program registration in spring. Do not complete if you’re a pre-program or waitlist student.


  1. Visit Castlebranch 
  2. In the upper right-hand corner, click  "Place Order"
  3. Enter the Package Code NF07
  4. Enter your personal information and pay $75
  5. All items that show "incomplete" must be completed
**If you have completed a Castlebranch account at NWTC within the past 4 years, email NWTC.  

If you’re under the age of 18 please email before completing your background check.

Additional Forms:

The Wisconsin Caregiver Law requires that students inform Northeast Wisconsin Technical College of any new charges, arrests, or convictions that occur since the last submission of their online background check and the State of Wisconsin Background Information Disclosure Form (F-82064A). Notice must be given within 5 business days of the occurrence by emailing:

Where can I go for vaccinations, TB test, titers and immunizations?
What if I have past convictions/criminal charges?
I completed a background check through another school. Do I have to complete it again?
Why was my document “rejected”?
I received a "not cleared" notification?
I need help creating an account and uploading documents.
I completed a background check for another program. Do I have to complete it again?
When will I receive my results? Why is my application checklist not updated?
The CastleBranch website is not working, how do I contact CastleBranch?
What if I decline a vaccine?