Tuition Due Dates and Policies


A typical one-credit lecture class is $152.35 per credit in 2019-2020, not including books or other supplies.  Learn more about how tuition and fees are calculated »

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Tuition Due Dates

Payment is due by the first day of the term.  For students who register after the first day of the term, payment is due within 10 days of registration date.  Students must pay all their tuition and fees due by the stated due date unless you are signed up for a payment plan.  For additional information on payment options, please visit NWTC Tuition Payment Options.​

Tuition Due Dates by Term:

Summer 2020: June 8, 2020

Fall 2020: August 17, 2020

The act of registering for a class creates an obligation to pay. Non-payment will result in your account being forwarded to collections.

Refund Policy

Adjustments to tuition and fees are based on the Wisconsin Administrative Code TCS10.08 and associated time frames.  For additional information on our refund policy, please visit NWTC Refund Policy.

Non-attendance or non-payment do not constitute a cancelation of registration, and students will be responsible for tuition and fees not paid.

The college reserves the right to cancel classes.  Students are issued a 100% refund for classes canceled by NWTC.

Unpaid Tuition and Fees Policy

If payment in full is not received by the due date, a “hold” will be placed on all records stopping further registration, release of grades and transcripts until tuition and fees are paid.

The Student Finance Office may refer students with past due and outstanding tuition and fee obligations to an outside agency for collection and credit bureau reporting. Information may be released such as student payment history, student identification number and social security number to its collection agents.  In the event of such action, the student is responsible to pay all costs of collection, including reasonable attorney’s fees, incurred by NWTC or its representatives in connection with the collection of the past due amount.

Students who plan to withdraw from a particular class should do so immediately. A single day can make a major difference in the amount of refund. Nonattendance does not constitute a cancelation of registration, and students will be responsible for tuition and fees not paid.


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