Refund Policy

Refunds are processed according to the Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS) Refund Policy.

Refunds are applicable only from the date you officially drop the class through Enrollment Services, any NWTC campus locations, or My.NWTC.

The act of registering for classes creates an obligation to pay regardless of attendance or payment. All classes have a limited number of seats available. Your registration reserves a seat in each of your classes.

NWTC will not drop classes for non-payment or non-attendance. Drop requests are not accepted through instructors.

A student who decides to drop from a course should do so immediately as a single day can make a difference in the amount of the refund. The student is given a confirmation number when a course is dropped. Students must retain the confirmation number as proof of the drop request.

A student who registers after the start date of the class is subject to the refund policy as stated. Please note: The start date for an online class is not determined by the date the student first access the course or obtains the course materials. The start date for an on-line class is the class start date published.

Any refund under $4.00 will be issued only upon request by the student. Student refunds may be claimed by NWTC to pay outstanding student debts or by the Financial Aid Office to cover grant repayments and outstanding student loans.

The WTCS Refund Policy states:

100% Refund:

A student shall receive 100% refund for a course, if application for refund is made by the student prior to the first scheduled meeting of the course and the student does not add another course.

80% Refund:

80% refund for a course is made before or at the time 10% of the course's total hours of instruction have been completed.

60% Refund:

60% refund for a course is made after 10% but before more than 20% of the course's potential hours of instruction have been completed.

0% Refund:

No refund shall be granted if application is made after 20% of the course's total potential hours of instruction have been completed.

After the first scheduled day of class, miscellaneous class-related fees (i.e. luncheon, insurance, etc.) are non-refundable.

You may drop a class in several ways: through the my.NWTC web portal; by phone at 920-498-5444 or 888-385-6982; or in person at the Green Bay Campus Welcome Center at any NWTC location. While you should inform your instructor of your intent to drop a course, drop requests are not accepted through instructors.

** Students are fully responsible for tuition and fees. To avoid charges, late fees and collection activities, students must pay class fees by the due date and must drop any classes through Enrollment Services. Students will not be automatically dropped from classes by not attending.


Pease call 920-498-5444 or email