How to Register for Classes

An advisor helps a student register for classes using a laptop

Continuing Students

Are you continuing classes in a degree or diploma program? Register now for Spring 2021.  Summer and Fall 2021 opens April 6 (April 5 for Veterans).

  1. Enroll in classes through your My.NWTC.
  2. ​Watch your NWTC Email for a message from your academic advisor.
  3. For help or to schedule a virtual appointment with your academic advisor, contact us.

Certificate Students 

Register now for Spring 2021 classes!  For help with registering, contact us.

  1. Log into My.NWTC using your student ID and password.
  2. Select Enroll in Classes.
  3. Select My Program Courses to search and view your required courses.

New Students

Beginning your first semester in a degree or diploma program? Register now for Spring 2021 classes.  Complete your SOAR Online (new student orientation) first!  Summer and Fall 2021 will open in May.  Watch your email or text for instructions. Learn more

Taking an individual course?

If you’re taking an individual course (not as part of a degree, diploma, or certificate), register now for Spring classes! . Register for classes here.
How to pay for your classes


For help with registering or to register by phone or mail contact us