Tuition & Fees

Compare the Cost: Private college or university - $1,745 per credit; For-profit public university - $435 per credit; Four-year public university (in-state) - $328 per credit; NWTC (in-state) - $158 per credit

Tuition and minimum fees for 2020-2021 academic year.

Earn a highly respected degree without major student debt – at NWTC.  In fact, many students graduate with little or no student debt. 

How much will your program cost?

Total costs, including books and supplies, are located on each program webpage. See a list of all programs.

2021-2022 Tuition & Fees

Tuition is set each spring by the Wisconsin Technical System Board, while fees for books and supplies vary by program. Learn more about how tuition and fees are calculated.

Wisconsin Residents 

Tuition and minimum fees for a one-credit class: $157.65; books and other supplies not included. 

  • Minnesota Residents enrolled full-time at NWTC are considered a Wisconsin resident for tuition purposes. 

  • Michigan Residents of Bay de Noc and Gogebic Community College Districts and the counties of Gogebic, Iron, Dickinson, Menominee, and Delta will pay $5.00 extra per credit. 


Nonresident (of Wisconsin) minimum tuition is $228.15 per credit. 

International Students 

Tuition and fees differ for international students – learn more about paying for college in the U.S. 


Manage your Tuition Payments

Access your eStatement through CashNet.
  • NWTC uses electronic billing (eStatement).  To view your eStatement, please log into CashNet.
  • CashNet allows you to make a payment, enroll into a payment plan, view eStatements, and add authorized user(s) to help you better manage your student account.
  • If a parent or family member is paying for your education, please enroll them as an authorized user through CashNet.

Payment and Refund Information 

When you register for a class, you are responsible for paying all tuition and fees by the Payment Due Dates (unless you drop the class before the class start date).

  • It’s important to understand you will not be dropped from a class by simply not attending or not paying.  

  • To officially drop a class, call NWTC Enrollment Services at 920-498-5444 or 888-385-NWTC, extension 5444, or contact any NWTC campus location. You may also officially drop a class through the student portal

  • See Refund Policy and Unpaid Tuition and Fees Policy (below) for more details.  

  • Tuition is due by the first day of the term:  

    • Spring 2021: January 25, 2021 
    • Summer 2021: June 7, 2021 
    • Fall 2021:  August 16, 2021  

    If you register for a class after the first day of the term, payment is due within 10 days of the date you registered.  

    All tuition and fees must be paid by the due date unless you are enrolled in a payment plan.  

  • If you are not paying in full when you register for classes, you are required to sign the NWTC Payment Agreement. Until this requirement is complete, a hold (preventing further registration and/or exchange of classes) is placed on your student account.   

    To accept the terms of this agreement, go to my.NWTC, log in with your username and password, navigate to Student Finance and select Payment Agreement.

  • Adjustments to tuition and fees are based on the Wisconsin Administrative Code TCS10.08 and associated time frames.  

    When you register for a class, you are responsible for paying all tuition and fees by the Payment Due Dates (unless you drop the class before the class start date).

    You will not be dropped from a class by simply not attending or not paying. In addition, drop requests are not accepted through instructors.  

    To officially drop a class, call NWTC Enrollment Services at 920-498-5444 or 888-385-NWTC, extension 5444, or contact any NWTC campus location. You may also officially drop a class through the student portal. You will be given a confirmation number when a course is dropped. Retain the confirmation number as proof of the drop request.  

    You may receive a refund per the WTCS Refund Policy (below). The refund amount you may receive is based on the date you officially requested to drop the class. If you decide to drop a class, you should request the drop immediately as a single day can make a difference in the refund amount.  

    If you register after the class start date and then drop the class, the refund policy applies to you as stated below. Please note: If you are dropping an online class, the start date is the class start date published on (The start date for an online class is not determined by the date you first access the course or obtain the course materials.)  

    Any refund under $4.00 will be issued only upon request by the student. Student refunds may be claimed by NWTC Student Finance Office to pay outstanding student debts or by the NWTC Financial Aid Office to cover grant repayments and outstanding student loans. 

    The WTCS Refund Policy states: 

    100% Refund: A student shall receive 100% refund for a course if the course is dropped prior to the first scheduled meeting of the course and the student does not add another course. 

    80% Refund: A student shall receive 80% refund for a course if the course is dropped before or at the time 10% of the course's total hours of instruction have been completed. 

    60% Refund: A student shall receive 60% refund for a course if the course is dropped after 10% but before more than 20% of the course's potential hours of instruction have been completed. 

    0% Refund: No refund shall be granted if the course is dropped after 20% of the course's total potential hours of instruction have been completed. 

  • All students receiving financial aid or enrolled in at least 6 credit hours will receive instructions on how to select a refund preference from BankMobile.  A refund will be processed and delivered according to the refund preference that you have selected through the BankMobile webpage
    *To view our institution's contract with BankMobile, click here.

    The Student Finance Office will begin releasing funds once all the following have taken place:

    • Funds are received by the governmental agency or lending institution.
    • Financial Aid has disbursed the funds onto your account, and your tuition and fees are paid in full.
    • You may go to my.NWTC and then log in to My.Financials to view your account to see if the funds have been disbursed.
    • Student Finance office will begin generating refunds for any students with credit balances. Due to the volume of students receiving funds, this process takes several days to complete.
      • The Student Finance Office begins processing refunds the next business day after the funds have been disbursed on your account and continues to process refunds every day until all refunds are released. This process can take up to 14 days to complete.
      • You may go to CashNet to view your account. If your refund has been generated you will see a line item with the description of BankMobile, and a date generated with it.
  • If payment in full is not received by the due date, a hold will be placed on the student's account, which will block further registration and the release of grades/transcripts until tuition and fees are paid. 

    The Student Finance Office may refer students with past due and outstanding tuition and fee obligations to an outside agency for collection and credit bureau reporting. Information such as student payment history, student identification number, and social security number may be released to collection agents. In the event of such action, the student is responsible to pay all costs of collection, including reasonable attorney's fees incurred by NWTC or its representatives, in connection with the collection of the past due amount. 

Payment Options

There are several ways to pay for college tuition at NWTC. Choose the best option for you. Need help? Contact the friendly staff at NWTC!  

Learn more about Payment Options