Green Bay Orientation Dates

Science and Education Book and Circles


• Must be at least 18-1/2 years old or your 9th grade high school class must have graduated
• Must be a Wisconsin resident • Must not be currently enrolled in a public or private high school
• Must not be a high school graduate

STEP 1: Complete TABE tests in Reading, Writing and Math: TABE tests are free of charge and can be taken in the AssessmentCenter atNWTC-GreenBay,Room SC365 of the Student Center. To schedule your TABE tests, please call the Assessment Center at 1-888-385-6982. Picture identification is required for all testing done in the Assessment Center. Please allow 2.5 hours to finish test. NOTE: TABE testing must be complete before you can attend “GED to College” Orientation.

STEP 2: Register in Advance for a GED to College (GED2C) Orientation: You can register in person for an orientation session by going to SC308 or you can register by phone by calling 920-498-5686. (If there is no answer, please leave a voicemail message and someone will return your call to complete your registration.)

STEP 3: Attend GED2C Orientation Session: GED Orientation is scheduled over 2 days (4-hour sessions each); attendance at both sessions is required to receive credit for completion of the mandatory GED Orientation. These 2 sessions include GED/HSED program information, completion of a Personal Education/Career Plan and a campus tour. 

STEP 4: Attend GED Prep 1; GED Prep 2; GED B2CC; or Math Seminar: You are eligible to attend these classes after you have completed the GED2C Orientation. 

Course Descriptions:
 GED PREP 1 ...this course is designed for students with a TABE Reading score up to a 5.0 and will develop and strengthen pre-GED skills in reading, writing, and arithmetic; improve basic computer skills, and orient students to the GED testing process and options for future transition to college.

 GED PREP 2 ...this course is for students with TABE A Reading score at 6.0 or above and will further develop GED and College/Career Readiness skills in reading, language, writing, and mathematical reasoning, as well as literacy across the disciplines of science and social studies through complex literary and informational text analysis.

 GED Bridge to College and Career (GED B2CC) …this course will prepare students for completion of the GED® through contextualized instruction to the health, business, and trades sectors by developing transferrable academic competencies and professional awareness aiding in transition to college or career.

 Math Seminar …this course is designed to strengthen student’s skills in math.

For information regarding GED Orientations, please call (920) 498-5686 or (800) 422-NWTC, ext. 5686.

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