Testing Best Practices

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Knowing what to expect when you arrive to the Assessment Center may help to reduce anxiety and provide a positive experience for all students. To ensure that all students have a similar experience, please refer to the testing best practices below. All test participants must abide by the guidelines outlined in the Student Handbook (Code of Conduct) 

Preparing for the Exam

  • Students are required to schedule their Instructor exam appointment in Starfish prior to testing.  
  • If you require testing accommodations, please contact Disability Services at (920) 498-6904 prior to testing or scheduling.
  • Students must sign in and present a valid picture ID prior to testing. ID requirements may differ among tests. Student ID’s and Government issued ID’s are acceptable forms of identification.
  • Students will empty and turn out all pockets in clothing worn into the testing room prior to every entry into the testing room to confirm that they have no prohibited items.
  • Examinees are not allowed to bring unauthorized items into the testing area. The following items are not permitted in the testing room:
    • calculators/laptops/other electronic devices 
    • cameras or cell phones
    • Food or drink
    • Hats/caps/headgear of any type 
    • Heavy coats
    • Keys
    • Listening devices (radios, headphones, recorders)
    • Notes or books 
    • Papers of any kind 
    • Pens 
    • Rulers 
    • Sunglasses 
    • Personal tissues
    • Purses & wallets & backpacks
    • Fitbits/watches, pagers or beepers
    • Weapons
    • Wrist bands/sports bands

Allowed only with permission of instructor or Disability Services. The NWTC Testing Center will examine the object before use in the test.

Allowed only for religious reasons

  • NWTC students must know their instructor’s name, class name and path/navigation to access their exam in Blackboard.
  • If a student is late for a testing appointment, he or she may be asked either to sign a waiver of time or to reschedule the test for another date.
  • All tests must be completed by closing of the Assessment Center. The Proctor will announce closing 15 minutes prior.

During the Exam

  • Students should ask any questions they have before beginning a test.
  • Students may only use approved test aids. Instructors determine the test aids allowed.  Instructors provide the testing center with a list of allowed test-aids. The instructor must contact the testing center directly if any changes or exceptions are made.
  • Students are not permitted to leave the testing room once testing has begun until the test is finished. Restroom breaks are allowed with permission from NWTC Testing Center staff. Students must notify staff at front desk when leaving the test room.
  • Personal/valuable belongings must be stored in a locker during testing. Lockers have limited space, so examinees must plan accordingly when bringing personal items into the NWTC Testing Center.
  • Students will be monitored by camera while in the testing room. Any appearance of cheating will be investigated and reported.
  • Students must be considerate of other testers. This requires that students are as quiet as possible while in the NWTC Testing Center and especially while inside the testing rooms. 
  • Talking among other test takers is prohibited in the testing rooms.
  • Food or drink are NEVER allowed in the testing rooms.

After the Exam

  • Students who wish to lodge a complaint about a test administration must do so immediately after testing, to a proctor or other NWTC Testing Center Manager (staff are required to provide that information if requested). Irregularities will be investigated and reported.
  • Staff and proctors will collect test aids and any written material at student check-out. Label your materials completely with the class and instructor information.
  • Because of security concerns and the need for computers to be free for other students to take their exam, students are not allowed to access other parts of blackboard (i.e. grade book, syllabus, other course content, etc.) on our exam computers. Once a student completes their exam, they should promptly logout and follow the checkout procedures so that other students can seat for their exam and to keep your personal information (grades, course enrollment/information, etc.) secure.