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Student Background Checks & Health Records

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State law requires students in specific programs to complete a Criminal/Caregiver Background Check to fully complete program requirements. Students may also be required to provide documentation of immunizations and vaccinations prior to beginning clinical classes at hospitals, medical clinics, and nursing homes.
Cost: $39
When To Complete: Complete Immediately. Required for Practicum.
  1. Complete the Certified Background Check
  2. Complete and submit Functional Ability Checklist 
  3. Health Form

Send Health Form to:

Stacey Felton
Fax: 920-491-2660
Mail: NWTC, Attn: Stacey Felton, Room HS310
2740 W Mason St, Green Bay, WI 54303

Most NWTC programs use as an online vendor for students to complete the Background Check and upload Health Records documentation. Early Childhood programs complete their background checks through the Department of Children and Families.

Wisconsin Caregiver Law requires that students inform Northeast Wisconsin Technical College of any new charges, arrests, or convictions that occur since the last submission of their online background check and the State of Wisconsin Background Information Disclosure Form (F-82064A). Notice must be given within 5 business days of the occurrence by emailing:

Where can I go for vaccinations, TB test, titers and immunizations?

Your health care provider can provide physical exams and laboratory tests.  If you do not have health insurance, Bellin Occupational Health Solutions offers reduced prices.  Bellin Occupational Health Solutions can provide your physical examination within 48 hours of contact.  Call 920-430-4560 to find the provider closest to you and schedule an appointment.  NOTE:  Bellin will not accept insurance for these services.  Visit the Wisconsin Immunization Registry to obtain a copy of your immunization records (WI residents only).

What if I have past convictions/criminal charges?

NWTC complies with the Wisconsin Caregiver Law.  Acceptance to NWTC will not be denied based on a criminal background, however placement at clinical sites or field experiences may be restricted.  NWTC can NOT comment or advise on charges until the Background Check has been completed. A great option if you feel charges may prevent you from placement is to complete the background check and go through the review process.  You can complete JUST the background portion by adding the letters “bg” to your CastleBranch code – i.e. NF13bg.  The review process takes approximately 1 – 2 weeks and a confirmation/approval will be sent to your email.  You will also need to upload the completed Background Information Disclosure (BID) form to your Castlebranch.  For help contact

I completed a background check through another school. Do I have to complete it again?

Not all schools have the same requirements. If you have completed a Caregiver Background Check through CastleBranch at another college and it is less than 1 year old:  Sign into your current CastleBranch account and download your background check. Complete the NWTC Background Information Disclosure (BID) form.  Email the downloaded background check and BID Form – NWTC cannot see other colleges information.

Why was my document “rejected”?

Documents may often be “rejected”, it is frequently due to missing fields.  This means you must complete the form and upload again.  You should have received an email notification from CastleBranch regarding the reason for rejection.  If you still are not sure, you can email

I received a "not cleared" notification?

“Not cleared” typically means: 1) a DOJ report was generated due to previous charges and/or convictions on your record, and/or 2) you answered "yes" to a question on the BID form. This simply “flags” your account for review.  For NWTC to complete the review, the Background Information Disclosure (BID) form needs to be submitted to CastleBranch and the Background check completed.

I need help creating an account and uploading documents.

You can simply walk in to any NWTC location for access to a desktop computer and assistance with uploading required documents.

I completed a background check for another program. Do I have to complete it again?

If you have completed CastleBranch for another program, you simply need to contact CastleBranch at 888-723-4263 or and notify them of the change. CastleBranch will update your requirements.

When will I receive my results? Why is my application checklist not updated?

Once submitted your results will be posted directly to your CastleBranch account.  Log in to to review the status.  Most results are completed within 3-5 business days. If you have any questions about your CBC status, please contact CastleBranch Student Support at 888-723-4263, or email Please allow up to one week for your NWTC application checklist to update.  If it has been greater than one week, please email

The CastleBranch website is not working, how do I contact CastleBranch?

CastleBranch will not work on a mobile device or tablet.  Make sure to use Google Chrome or Firefox when accessing CastleBranch.  Or you can contact CastleBranch Student Support at 888-723-4263, or email

What if I decline a vaccine?

Hepatitis B is the only vaccination with a declination waiver.  All other vaccines are required.