Library Assistant Certificate

Program Code: 905223

This certificate is designed to be an introduction to anyone with an interest in library science. Courses provide an overview of library management, the roles and responsibilities of a library assistant, celebrating children and young adult literary resources, and use media and technology. Courses are delivered online.

Approximate Certificate Costs


Certificate Completers will be able to

  • Identify roles and responsibilities of librarian assistant.
  • Use activities to support students in the library.
  • Use media and technology in the library.
  • Communicate effectively with students and staff.
  • Model research strategies for students.
  • Use drama to reinforce literature.
  • Support classroom teachers with literature.
  • Conduct storytelling with children.
  • Use multicultural literature.
  • Celebrate library awareness.

Requirements for Certificate Entry

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Total Credits

Curriculum Note: Students must earn a "C" or higher in all 10-522-XXX courses to successfully graduate the Library Assistant Certificate. A student must repeat the particular course with a "C" or better final grade to continue in or graduate from this program. If the course is sequential, the successful retake must occur before continuing the sequence.