Early Childhood Licensing Basic Ages 0-2 Pathway Certificate

Program Code: 613073

This certificate is designed for individuals wishing to satisfy the state of Wisconsin Licensing Code, DCF 251, Licensing Rules for Group Child Care Centers. All courses in this certificate will transfer into the Early Childhood associate degree program.


Certificate Completers will be able to

• Analyze development of infants and toddlers (conception to three years).
• Examine culturally and developmentally appropriate environments for infants and toddlers.
• Follow governmental regulations and professions standards as they apply to health, safety, and nutrition.
• Analyze the role of heredity and environment.
• Apply Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards in early childhood environments.
• Have specialized knowledge and understanding of the development, needs and interests of children in the first three years of life.
• Establish partnerships with parents and in the community.

Students following the study plan below will complete the Early Childhood Licensing Basic Ages 0-2 Technical Diploma in the number of semesters shown.
All courses in this certificate may be applied toward the Early Childhood Associate Degree program.
10-307-167 ECE: HEALTH/SAFETY/, safety, and nutrition in early childhood settings. Anti-bias perspectives; governmental regulations and professional standards; safe, healthy, and nutritionally sound early childhood programs; child abuse/neglect mandates; SIDS risk reduction; Shaken Baby Syndrome.
10-307-151 ECE: INFANT & TODDLER DEVELOPMENT...infant and toddler development in an early childhood education setting. Development of infants/toddlers; prenatal conditions and development; child development theories; heredity and the environment; culturally and developmentally appropriate environments.
10-307-110 ECE: Social Studies, Art & Music ...This 3-credit course will focus on beginning level curriculum development in the specific integrated content areas of social studies, art, music, & movement (SSAMM).
Curriculum Note
Students must earn a "C" or higher in all 10-307-XXX courses to successfully graduate the
Early Childhood Licensing Basic Ages 0-2 Certificate. A student must repeat the particular course with a "C" or better final grade to continue in or graduate from this program. If the course is sequential, the successful retake must occur before continuing the sequence.