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Healthcare Customer Service Representative Pathway Certificate

Program Code: 615091

Learn to provide excellent customer service in a health care setting. You'll be instructed on how to not only meet but to exceed customer needs. All courses in this certificate may be applied toward the Medical Assistant technical diploma program.


Certificate Completers will be able to

Provide excellent customer service in a health care setting.
Be the first contact for customers seeking health care services.


Requirements for Program Entry

• A high school diploma or equivalent.
• Basic computer knowledge.
• Must be able to speak, read, and write fluently in the English language.
• Excellent interpersonal skills.

Healthcare Customer Service Representative for English Language Learners

In addition to the standard program curriculum, an English Language Learner option is available.

Students following the study plan below will complete the Healthcare Customer Service Representative Pathway Certificate in the number of semesters shown.
10-501-101 MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY ...focuses on the component parts of medical terms: prefixes, suffixes, and root words. Students practice formation, analysis and reconstruction of terms. Emphasis on spelling, definition and pronunciation. Introduction to operative, diagnostic, therapeutic and symptomatic terminology of all body systems, as well as systemic and surgical terminology.
10-501-104 CULTURE OF HEALTHCARE...prepares learners to work in the healthcare environment as part of a healthcare team. Learners will investigate the healthcare community, patient privacy standards, and the professional behavior that is expected in today's medical community. Learner will examine various aspects of verbal and written communication skills, customer service principles, and problem solving techniques necessary to be a vital member of the healthcare workforce.
10-501-107 DIGITAL LITERACY FOR HEALTHCARE...the course will explore the use of the electronic health record, the role of social media in health care communication, the uses of wearable technologies that monitor activity and heart rate, the use of data to manage population health and the impact of new developments on the healthcare workforce.
Curriculum Note
All 10-501-XXX courses must be passed with a C.