Health Care Leadership Advanced Certificate

Program Code: 9019610

The Advanced Health Care Leadership Certificate is designed to prepare a person to take the next step in leadership within health care settings. It includes budgeting and finance, legal issues in the workplace, working with a diverse population of employees, and either safety in the workplace or the human resource function. All credits in this certificate may be applied toward the Leadership Development Associate Degree.


Certificate Completers will be able to

• Establish and monitor a budget.
• Understand and work with finance terminology and financial statements.
• Work with employment law to keep their organization out of court.
• Work effectively with a diverse workforce and help employees work with each other.
• Analyze the safety requirements in the workplace.
• Hire, train, develop employees and conduct performance appraisals.

Completers will be able to apply credits toward the following programs:

• 101961, Leadership Development


Requirements for Certificate Entry:

• It is recommended that learners complete the Health Care Leadership Certificate before moving on to the Health Care Leadership Advanced Certificate.

Catalog No. Description
10-196-193 HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT ...impacts of EEOC, writing job descriptions, recruitment, selection, conducting job interviews, orientation, training and development, performance management, counseling and discipline, compensation, benefits, and global human resources.
10-196-136 SAFETY-WORKPLACE awareness, federal/state/local compliance, inspections, risk analysis, workplace violence, substance abuse, health hazards, first aid, CPR, fire and electrical safety, and emergency preparedness.
10-196-134 LEGAL ISSUES-SUPERVISORS practices of recruiting, interviewing, hiring, selection, evaluation/promotion, employee discipline, firing, EEOC and nondiscrimination, employee privacy, workplace harassment, FMLA, ADA and unions.
10-101-106 ACCOUNTING-FOR NON-ACCOUNTANTS ...teaching non-accountants to read, analyze, and interpret financial information for making informed business decisions. This class de-emphasizes the use of debits, credits, journal entries and other accounting procedures.
10-196-176 CORPORATE ENTREPRENEURSHIP ...learning process for an individual or group to create or instigate renewal or innovation within an organization. Different from an entrepreneur, a corporate entrepreneur seeks to risk the resources of an organization in the innovative process using trusted business tools.
Certificate Total