Care Coordinator Certificate

Program Code: 905091

Are you a medical office employee looking to develop your skills to a higher level? Care Coordinator is an advanced-level certificate that prepares certified medical assistants, licensed practical nurses, and registered nurses to work with health care providers to maximize efficiency and productivity while providing care. The certificate consists of 3 two-credit courses that are offered in a blended format (including online work and in-person sessions). This certificate may be completed in one 15-week semester.


Certificate Completers will be able to

• Work closely with a healthcare provider to maximize efficiency and productivity while providing quality care.


Requirements for Certificate Entry:

• Completion of an accredited healthcare-related program such as Medical Assistant, Practical Nursing, Registered Nursing or Health Information Technology.

Catalog No. Description
10-509-002 PRINCIPLES OF TEAM BASED CARE...this course will focus on the value of working with a healthcare team. Learners will focus on how a team approach can enhance patient care and improve patient satisfaction. (Prerequisite: Accepted into the Care Coordinator Certificate.)
10-509-003 PRINCIPLE OF DOCUMENTATION AND CHART NAVIGATION...this course will take the experienced healthcare employee into the Electronic Medical Record to learn how to collaborate with the healthcare provider to accurately document in the patient medical record. (Prerequisite: Accepted into the Care Coordinator Certificate)
10-509-001 PRINCIPLES OF CARE MANAGEMENT...this course will take the working healthcare employee through best practices for coordinating the management of patient care to result in healthier patients. (Prerequisite: Accepted into the Care Coordinator Certificate)
Certificate Total
Curriculum Note
. Students are required to achieve a grade of “C” or higher in all of the courses to continue in or graduate from this certificate.