Business Operations Certificate

Program Code: 901023

The Business Operations Certificate is designed to educate learners about designing, controlling and redesigning business operations to ensure efficient utilization of resources while meeting or exceeding customer needs. This certificate is great for individuals looking to add business expertise to an existing degree, earn additional educational experience for career advancement or jump start your college degree. This certificate is offered on a flexible schedule to include online and accelerated courses. All credits from this certificate may be applied toward the Business Management associate degree.


Certificate Completers will be able to

• Demonstrate basic knowledge of contemporary business issues.
• Explore career options in business.
• Apply concepts, methods and processes in business operations.

Completers will be able to apply credits toward the following programs:

• 101023, Business Management


Requirements for Certificate Entry:

• Basic math.
• Ability to use a keyboard.

Catalog No. Description
10-102-158 BUSINESS PRINCIPLES ...economics and business; global business; ethics and social responsibility; types of business ownership; entrepreneurship; role of management: operations management; human resources; marketing; managing financial resources and legal issues impacting business.
10-102-156 OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT 1 and operations management (competitiveness, strategy, and productivity; forecasting, product and service design; reliability; capacity planning; process selection and facility layout; work design and measurement; learning curves). (Prerequisites: 10-102-158, Business Principles; 10-804-134, Mathematical Reasoning)
10-102-160 GLOBAL BUSINESS MANAGEMENT ...globalization, cultural environment, global trade environment, politics and law, economic integration, global trade and investment theories, exporting, global human resource management, corporate social responsibility. (Prerequisite: 10-801-136, English Composition 1)
10-102-157 OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT 2 ...the process of evaluating alternative courses of action to given problems and arriving at the most suitable plan. Entails thorough analysis of the pros and cons of every alternative solution. (Prerequisites: 10-102-156, Operations Management 1; 10-801-136, English Composition 1)
10-102-150 BUSINESS LAW ...common law contracts and sales contracts: formation, interpretation, performance, and discharge; the law of agency; corporations; and introduction to the American legal system: criminal and tort law, and global business issues. (Prerequisite: 10-801-136, English Composition 1)
10-102-195 BUSINESS SIMULATION ...a hands-on decision making experience in the management of a simulated business. (Prerequisite: 10-102-157, Operations Management 2; Corequisite: 10-102-199, Business Management Career Experience)
Certificate Total