Renewable Energy-Solar Thermal

Program Code: 904822

Explore renewable energy with a focus on solar thermal systems.


Certificate Completers will be able to

• Discuss and promote the benefits of renewable energy systems.
• Assess, design and operate solar thermal energy systems.
• Collect and distribute data generated by renewable energy systems.

Completers will be able to apply credits toward the following programs:

• 104824, Solar Energy Technology
• 904821, Renewable Energy-Solar Electric

Catalog No. Description
10-480-101 ENERGY-INTRO RENEW & SUSTAIN overview of various renewable energy technologies and sustainable design practices and their current applications. Emphasis will be placed on policies, renewable energy production, green products and jobs.
10-482-126 INTRODUCTION TO SOLAR overview of the use of sunlight to produce heat and electricity and the practical and economical use of solar power and solar thermal systems. Learn the importance of energy efficiency and the economics of solar hybrid designs.
10-483-107 SOLAR THERMAL DESIGN & SITE ...learn steps to performing a site audit prior to installation of a solar thermal system. Focus on defining the solar window, system site placement and sizing, lead analysis and energy efficiency. (Prerequisite: 10-482-126, Intro to Solar)
10-483-108 SOLAR THERMAL-ADVANCED ...topics include safety, system design and layout, component selection, mounting collectors, plumbing and insulation copper pipe, storage tank installation, heat exchanger and circulation pump. (Prerequisite: 10-482-126, Intro to Solar)
Certificate Total