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Woodturning 3: Intermediate

Course Number: 10306102
Credits: 3.00

Course Description

10-306-102 WOODTURNING 3: INTERMEDIATE ...turning bowls, tool use, wood blanks, rough-turning profile, rough hollowing, completing the profile, completing the inside, completing the base, sanding, and finishing the product. (Prerequisite: Woodturning 2: Basic, 10-306-101, with a "C" or better.)

Course Typically Offered

  • Fall
  • Spring

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Course Competencies

  1. Demonstrate woodturning behaviors that adhere to safety regulations, personal protection protocol, and best practice actions.
  2. Identify material and production techniques for business.
  3. Differentiate between appropriate equipment uses.
  4. Identify wood selection practices for business and economizing.
  5. Demonstrate the gluing procedure for banding pieces of wood together.
  6. Explore wood lathe accessory equipment and requirements for use in project development.
  7. Develop production woodturning practices.
  8. Demonstrate problem-solving processes for challenging projects.
  9. Produce a highly crafted woodturning project.