Tobacco-Free Campus NWTC is 100% Tobacco-Free

To create a healthier environment for everyone who comes to Northeast Wisconsin Technical College to study, work, or visit; Northeast Wisconsin Technical College campuses are tobacco/nicotine free.  Northeast Wisconsin Technical College is strongly committed to maintaining, improving the health and well-being of all employees and customers, and complying with the State of Wisconsin law. NWTC is a tobacco Free Campus, which includes all electronic nicotine delivering devices, usage is prohibited on the premises (buildings, grounds, sidewalks, streets, parking lots, and structures) or in College owned or leased vehicles. 
Individuals may use tobacco or e-cigarettes in their personal vehicles; however, disposal of cigarette butts, smoking materials, or garbage on campus grounds is strictly prohibited. 
NWTC is committed to the health and wellness of students and staff and support the use of FDA approved cessation methods on campus (ie gum, lozenges, patches or medication).  Electronic cigarettes are not an approved cessation device and will not be permitted.

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Tobacco and Nicotine Cessation Resources

To the extent feasible, and utilizing available college and community resources listed below, Northeast Wisconsin Technical College will support students who may decide to choose a healthful, non-tobacco use/non-smoking way of life. Emphasis will be placed on educating and referring staff and students to available resources/services that provide tobacco cessation assistance.

The following tobacco cessation programs and resources are available:

Local Resources

Online Resources

Smokeless Tobacco Cessation

  • National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research - This site is intended to help you make your own plan for quitting by offering information about smokeless tobacco, addiction, myths and truths, and ways to develop a quit plan.
  • Kill the Can - Kill the Can helps users quit dip, smokeless tobacco and chewing tobacco. This site offers an online community dedicated to quitting smokeless tobacco and supporting each other in their struggles. 

For Employees

  • Northeast Wisconsin Technical College Employee Health Plan
  • CampusCare “Beat the Pack” program
  • CampusCare for Tobacco Cessation Prescription 
  • Personal health care plans

For Students

  • N.E.W. Clinic
    • Respiratory Care Clinic-call 920.498.5436 for Fall or Spring schedule
    • N.E.W. Clinic can see students with Medicaid/Uninsured/Prevea 360-Call 920.498.5436
  • Personal health care plans
  • Student Involvement - Nicorette Gum (Intended for limited personal use while on campus.  Distribution will be tracked and limited to one dose per day and limited to 3 doses per week)




  • Performance discussion with supervisor