Student Conduct and Community Standards

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Our college community is filled with individuals from all walks of life who share a common bond: the desire to go after their dreams.

To ensure all our students can learn in a safe and welcoming environment, NWTC has guidelines, policies, and procedures in place for appropriate behavior and consequences for violations. We want everyone in the NWTC community to feel comfortable and confident in pursuing their college and career goals. We are committed to providing a respectful, inclusive place for all to soar higher. 

Alcohol and Drug Misconduct

Focused on the health and wellbeing of our college community, NWTC is committed to providing a drug-free learning and working environment. 

Learn more about NWTC's standards of conduct surrounding drugs and alcohol as well as our abuse prevention program.

All NWTC campuses are nicotine & tobacco free

Sexual Harassment and Title IX

NWTC prohibits all forms of illegal discrimination, harassment, intimidation, and coercion on campus and at College related activities and functions. NWTC takes a strong stance against sexual misconduct. Learn more about our Sexual Harassment and Title IX policies

Student Conduct and CARE

As a college where student success is the center of all our work, providing a safe and welcoming environment for all is vital.  Learn more about NWTC’s Student Code of Conduct, the CARE team and our work around creating a safe place to learn.

Academic Integrity and Progress

NWTC students are expected to:

  • maintain personal and professional honesty in all their actions at the College. 
  • Make satisfactory academic progress each semester they are enrolled. 

Learn more about academic integrity and plagiarism

View all academic policies »

Public Records

Northeast Wisconsin Technical College is committed to open and transparent governance. You have the right to access public records related to the College, as governed by Wisconsin law. For details on what qualifies as a public record and  procedures for obtaining access, please view our comprehensive Public Records Policy (PDF). This policy ensures your right to information and promotes accountability within the College. 

Freedom of Speech and Expression 

Free speech is welcomed and encouraged at all College campuses and locations. Students are welcome to assemble and/or exercise free speech that does not disrupt learning, enter areas that contain confidential records, or disrupt college operations.

Students have rights under the United States Constitution which may be exercised in the College as in other public institutions. The law recognizes that these rights are subject to restraints that may be imposed because of the College’s role and function. It is the policy of the NWTC Board of Trustees to respect the properly exercised rights of students. 

Related Polices: 

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Policies

NWTC values the inherent worth of each person at the College; students, staff and faculty.  The College acknowledges the many similarities shared with one another and differences tying back to our unique backgrounds, experiences, needs, skills and stories.  The College views similarities and differences as something from which to learn.  Valuing each person’s inherent worth means the College treats all with respect, compassion, and fairness. 

Student Feedback Process

Northeast Wisconsin Technical College (NWTC) is committed to incorporating feedback from students, employees, visitors and the public into college operations. Individuals have the right to file informal concerns regarding NWTC's personnel, facilities, academic issues or any allegation of discrimination. NWTC uses feedback to make improvements to services or in teaching and learning. Students who wish to file a concern can do so by submitting the Student Feedback form

A concern is a notification of dissatisfaction with a person, department, service or information that requires NWTC to gather information and/or work towards resolution with the person submitting the form. By submitting this form, an individual is acknowledging that they have already met with the party they are dissatisfied with and that they were unable to come to an acceptable resolution to the situation.

Students who wish to appeal a grade will need to follow the Grade Appeal Process.

Individuals providing feedback through the suggestion, concern or grievance processes shall be free from any retaliation from any faculty or staff person.

Student Handbook

More policies and resources can be found in the NWTC Student Handbook.