Summer and fall classes will be offered in-person, blended, and online with COVID-19 precautions in place. No Risk Enrollment available now. All NWTC facilities are closed to the public until further notice. All campus resources are available by phone, chat, email or text.


Important Information for Veterans

Veterans Called to Active Duty

A 100% refund of all tuition and fees may be available to students who are called into active service in the armed forces of the United States or who are requested to work for the federal government during a national emergency or a limited national emergency. These students will also receive priority readmission.

Service Member Priority Registration

Eligible Veterans and Service Members have the opportunity to register for their classes first for the upcoming semester! This priority registration allows Student Veterans and other Service Members the opportunity to register 24 hours prior to other students. Specific dates can be found on our website. Please provide a copy of your DD-214 showing honorable discharge to receive priority registration.

Military Leave and Withdrawal Policy


It is the responsibility of the Service Member or dependent to communicate with an instructor if they will not be attending the first day of the semester due to current military service orders. Once it has been verified that the student is on current military service orders, the instructor will not assign a No-Show (NS) grade to the appropriate Service Member


A Service Member who receives military orders requiring him/her to miss classes for a period within the semester may request to continue enrollment and participate in the course if:

  1. The student is currently receiving a passing grade in the course

  2. The student is in good standing

  3. The student will miss less than 25% of the total class days for the entire class

  4. The student consults with the instructor of the course to ensure that all required work is completed prior to the end of the semester, or related course work is made up

Note: It may be in the best interest of the Service Member and dependent to completely withdraw from all courses when receiving military orders based on the nature or content of the courses missed, duration of the course (accelerated or partial term), and if an instructor feels as though the appropriate course work cannot be completed (ie. clinical time, lab time, etc.)


A Service Member or dependent initiating a withdrawal due to receiving active duty military service orders shall be given a choice to: Withdraw from classes or receive an Incomplete for all courses.

  • Withdrawal from all classes will be given a full tuition refund of monies paid by the student.
    • Student Veterans who receive the WI GI Bill will not receive a refund because their tuition is waived.
    • Students who qualify for Chapter 33 benefits (Post-9/11 GI Bill) will not receive a refund because their tuition and fees are paid directly to the school from the Department of Veterans Affairs.
    • Students seeking total withdrawal will receive W grades on their transcript regardless of the date of withdrawal.
- OR –
  • Receive Incomplete for classes, if the military orders are issued within three weeks from the end of the term.
    • Service Member and dependents will be provided with written procedures from each faculty member assigning an Incomplete (I) for completing any coursework in which he/she is doing satisfactory work.

    • According to Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, the designation of Incomplete (I) is assigned when a student is unable to complete the class work because of illness, injury or other extenuating circumstances.  The student and the instructor will make written arrangements to remove the Incomplete within the subsequent term/semester.  If a grade change form has not been received in the Enrollment Services Record Office by the end of the subsequent term/semester, the Incomplete will be automatically assigned the grade of F.  A student will not be allowed to graduate from NWTC with an Incomplete on his/her transcript.

*Students are responsible for completing all course requirements (including any portion they may have missed).
**In the event of an immediate deployment, where the Student Veteran cannot be present to complete withdrawal steps in person, the Registrar or approved person on a release of information form may be empowered to act on behalf of the Student Veteran or dependent.