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Study Abroad in China

China skyline with traditional and modern architecture


Tentative: May 2023 (actual dates TBD)

Application Deadline:

February 2023

What will I explore?

The program is designed to expose students to the Chinese business and IT environment as well as China’s long history and vibrant culture. The program will focus on China’s central region, away from the polluted mega-cities of the coast, and into the more traditional heartland of Chinese civilization.

  • Explore downtown Hong Kong
  • See the waterfront of the South China Sea
  • Learn about Chinese business practices and tour Foxconn facilities
  • Experience China’s state of the art, high speed rail
  • Learn about China’s ethnic minorities
  • Experience sustainable cultural tourism and hospitality models
  • Visit a Chinese Buddhist holy mountain and temples
  • See wild monkeys and giant pandas
  • Make friends with Chinese college students
  • Learn about life on a Chinese college campus
  • Explore traditional calligraphy  
  • Dress in traditional Chinese opera costumes and makeup
  • Learn to cook in the Chinese style
  • Traditional Chinese foods: dimsum, Chinese dumplings, hot pot, and more
  • Hiking and photography experiences galore

You will never again have the opportunity to see and learn so much about one of the world’s oldest nations and civilizations. Sign up today! 

What will I learn?

China is one of the largest world economies and is the world’s largest exporter.  What most people don’t consider is China has the fastest growing consumer market in the world.   Understanding this growing economy and the interaction between the United States and China is essential in business and technology today.

Students are expected to be able to:

  • Apply creative thinking skills and the use of creative techniques to explore extended problem solving.
  • Communicate effectively with leaders, fellow students, and business professionals in a cross-cultural context.
  • Demonstrate community and global accountability.
  • Explore the Chinese economy and explore how US-China interaction impact business and technology today.
  • Engage business professionals to better understand Chinese work practices and environments.
  • Compare and contrast business and IT practices in China and the United States.
  • Explore intercultural competencies and its impact on the work environment.
  • Explore population and environmental topics as it relates to business and IT, China, and the World.

What's included in the cost?

Estimated cost TBD, and includes:

  • Live activities
  • Guest lecture

Costs do not include tuition (optional).

Funding Opportunities

What are the credit opportunities?

College of Business students: use this as your Career Experience

  • This study abroad experience will satisfy the Career Experience component in any College of Business associate degree program. Each academic program has criteria for assessment of learning; typically journaling and a portfolio presentation linking learning to the program outcomes.

    All credit opportunities are optional.


Lacy Frewerd, International Programs Contact

Terri Brown, Faculty Leader

Robert Buchholz, Faculty Leader