Virtual Study Abroad China

Without walking 15 miles/day

This is more than an online course. You will have a range of experiences, in-person and virtual, that will increase your understanding about one of the world’s oldest nations and civilizations. Sign up today!

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What will I explore?
  • Explore Chinese business practices and China’s role as a global trade partner with the state of Wisconsin
  • Learn about China’s economic growth and development, and its rise as a great power
  • Explore China’s social issues, including its relationship with its ethnic minorities
  • Explore China’s ecology, plants and unique animals, such as pandas
  • Experience sustainable cultural tourism and hospitality models
  • Learn about life on a Chinese college campus
  • Explore traditional calligraphy  
  • Learn to cook in the Chinese style
  • Sample some traditional Chinese foods: Chinese dumplings, hot pot, and more
  • Take virtual guided tours of some of China’s most famous places
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