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Global Spotlight Series

Hear firsthand stories and learn about places around the world and your community!
Thursday, October 3, 2019  |  1:30PM - 2:30PM  |  BT306
Muslim Women: Beyond the Stereotypes with Ameena Jandali - CEO Islamic Networks Group - via Web Conference
Probably the most misunderstood & stereotyped issue concerning Muslims & their faith is the topic of women. We will discuss the source of these stereotypes, and how some of their guaranteed rights have not been upheld.
Thursday, November 21, 2019  |  1:30PM - 2:30PM  |  SC142  |  International Education Week November 18 – 22 
REDSKINS: Prejudice, Myths & Mascots  with Lance Kelley
Discussion surrounding the intolerance and harm promoted by these “Indian” sports mascots, logos, or symbols, and their very real consequences. 
Wednesday, February 12, 2020  |  1:30PM - 2:30PM  |  SC142
Costa Rica: Approach to Holistic Wellness with Chris Kozlovsky & Leah Smejkal
Thursday, March 5, 2020  |  1:30PM - 2:30PM  |  SC130  |  Celebrate Diversity Week March 2 – 6
Irish Dance: History, Purpose & Methodology with Milwaukee Dance Co.
Wednesday, April 8, 2020  |  1:30PM - 2:30PM  |  SC142
Renewable Infrastructure in the European Union with Jenny Brinker