Find a Career that Fits

Choosing a career often begins with self-assessment.

The assessments described below can help you learn more about your interests, personality, skills, and values.

No single test can tell you "what you should be." Successful career planning may require an appointment with a Career Advisor.

Assessments sponsored by Career Services

Assessments can be taken at Career Services or in the convenience of your own home/location. Please call (920) 498-6250 for FREE access.

We strongly recommend scheduling an appointment to review your results with a Career Advisor.

  • Career Cruising ( offers Career Matchmaker, a survey to help you find careers related to your interests. You can then use Career Cruising to explore those careers.
  • MyPlan  ( uses personality tests, interest inventory, and other tools to help you choose a career.

Other Online Assessments and Career Information

O*Net "Skills Search" allows you to explore and identify your skills, with an opportunity to consider careers related to your skills.

Parents We Need You is a local guide for helping students through the academic and career planning process. It's never too early for students to begin exploring their interests and career options. With your guidance and support, you can assist your student on their future career journey.

Learn How to Become is a great resource to search career paths and to research education options, job details, and salaries.

Bureau of Labor Statistics Kids Page is designed to provide information for K12 students about careers related to class subjects.​​