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Distinguished Alumni Award recipient paves the way for women in construction in our community

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2022 Distinguished Alumni Award recipient Ginelle Hussin
2022 Distinguished Alumni Award recipient Ginelle Hussin

2022 Distinguished Alumni Award recipient Ginelle Hussin describes herself as equally at home in steel-toed boots and a hard hat as she is on a college recruiting trip. Her career path as one of the only young women graduating from NWTC’s 1996 Architecture program to a leader in the construction industry is an inspiration. It is a testament to the power of technical education to create a foundation of real-world, hands-on learning to establish the building-blocks for an impactful career. Hussin exemplifies the values of the College and has helped grow the skilled manufacturing base in Northeast Wisconsin, creating learning and employment opportunities for countless individuals at all age levels.

“My Architecture class was such a close-knit family,” said Hussin. “When I started at NWTC, there weren’t females in construction. So many people made it possible, including my instructors and classmates who provided empowerment and inspiration, and nurtured my curiosity to continuously learn more.” 

As a woman in construction, it is important to her to share experiences and model the path to success for young women – especially those entering a predominantly male workforce.

Much of Hussin’s inspiration and success comes from her own experiences and centers around a fierce commitment to young adults that might be dismissed as “not college material” or “not typical of a specific role.” Her dedication to giving back to the community, mentoring the region’s youth, and creating a skilled workforce echoes the College’s core values. Hussin’s focus is on creating communities that thrive and opportunities for all, and her successes in making those dreams reality show how far you can go when you set your goals high.