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Innovation in class offerings gives students more flexibility to learn what they want when they need

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Micro Credentials logo
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In 2019, compiled institutional data demonstrated that students experience increased course success and completion rates when taking classes in smaller chunks, and the race to the 8-Week Advantage began. Over the past two years, NWTC has transitioned all program courses into an eight-week format to better serve student needs. Student success and retention rates have climbed.

However, students and employers have consistently expressed the importance of taking the courses they need, when they need them, to advance their knowledge and skills. Eight weeks is fast, but now we are providing even faster options to upskill with micro credentials.

What are micro credentials?

Small credentials that give BIG benefits and immediate results by providing on-demand training (in eight weeks or less) to help individuals diversify their skillsets or explore new careers.

NWTC defines micro credentials as “short and focused learning pathways” that are like online certificates or courses, but with an instructor that is a subject matter expert to answer questions and provide real-time training. These bite-sized chunks are perfect for:

  •  Learning specific, in-demand skills that can lead to a new job, career advancement, or changing fields.
  •  Recognizing and endorsing a learner’s mastery of a skill or capability, allowing them to stand out from others in their profession.
  •  Providing a bite-sized pathway to a degree. Credits never expire, so coming back to NWTC in the future to pursue a certificate, diploma, or degree is a seamless process.

Now available in NWTC’s College of Business and Trades and Engineering Technologies department, these fast-paced opportunities will soon be scaled throughout all Learning areas.