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NWTC retiree comes back to help students

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Cindy Dahlman
Cindy Dahlman

When Cindy Dahlman retired from NWTC after 21 years in Student Services and admissions advising, she left knowing she had unfinished business.

“I told my team I would be back,” she recalled. “This is where I want to be. Working with students, putting a smile on their faces... it fulfills me.”

She could not come back soon enough. Dahlman had the 75-day waiting period circled on her calendar and reached out to her old team as soon as she was eligible to return part-time. Coming back was a seamless transition for her. She knew what the team needed, already had established relationships throughout the College, and was back to helping students find and pursue their passions. 

“With the flexible work options at the College, people often ask me why I never work from home,” said Dahlman. “That would defeat the whole purpose. I love the people, and I want to be here on campus working with my team to connect with students and help them succeed.”

When asked about her fondest memories at the College, Dahlman was eager to share the successes her advising students found. 

“Students would bring their parents up to me at graduation, and sharing those moments, filled with stories, hugs, and happiness, really cannot be put into words,” recalled Dahlman. “I remember one student I helped in the Welding program introduced me to his daughter, and his experience was so good that he got her to enroll. Those are the kind of the experiences that stick with you.” 

Paying it forward to help students has been a hallmark of her time at NWTC, and it continues into retirement. 

“I feel like I have the best of both worlds – I am retired, but I still get to help people and do what I love.”