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NWTC partners with Prevea Health to train essential workers

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Prevea Health logo
Prevea Health logo

Exacerbated by the pandemic, the state’s skilled healthcare workforce shortage is continuing to impact Northeast Wisconsin employers. To combat this issue, Prevea Health has partnered with NWTC’s Corporate Training & Economic Development department to upskill its employees. Program participants are working toward state certification as Medical Assistants (MA). The MA position is a growing profession that has become increasingly important in providing comprehensive, patient-specific, team-based care.   

This effort started in 2020 with the support of a Wisconsin Technical College System Workforce Advancement Training grant, and in 2021 13 Prevea employees earned their Healthcare Customer Service Pathway Certificate. All employees are continuing their coursework to obtain certification as medical assistants by December of this year. By completing their MA certification, employees will be able to fill open skilled positions within Prevea’s network and increase their earning potential.  

NWTC is proud to partner with community organizations to continue upskilling our region’s workforce.