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NWTC is expanding opportunities in Nursing to meet workforce shortages

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Two female Nursing students work on a patient simulator
Two female Nursing students work on a patient simulator

Registered nurses make up the largest profession in the healthcare industry. In an aging workforce, the state projects large healthcare workforce shortages over the next decade. To help meet workforce demands, NWTC is expanding the number of students that can enroll in its part-time Nursing-Associate Degree program. In January, the College opened 16 new slots for part-time nursing students (NWTC’s largest demographic of nursing students) and will be doubling that number in the fall.   

These new openings have been created, in part, by the expanded use of simulation equipment and software in the Nursing program. One of the biggest bottlenecks for healthcare enrollment is clinical placement, and by utilizing these new technologies, nursing students can complete 50% of their clinical experiences on campus.   

“The technology is so advanced and so real that we can supplement it without jeopardizing the standard of rigor and course success in our programs,” said Scott Anderson, dean of NWTC Health Sciences. “Over the years, technology has enhanced our curriculum, but now we have the technology that is a real game-changer, allowing us to supplement how we teach core competencies.” 

In addition to expanding offerings through simulation and virtual and augmented reality, the Health Sciences department was recently awarded a grant to increase the diversity of the nursing workforce from the U.S. Health Resources & Services Administration.