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New program helps advance the adoption of 5G technology

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A telecomm worker adjusts a line
A telecomm worker adjusts a line

NWTC’s new Telecommunications Programs are intended to provide students with the theory and hands-on educational experience necessary for careers in the telecommunications field – a rapidly growing market due to the nation’s shift from 4G to 5G networking. In the wake of COVID-19, more people are working from home, making the need for high-speed, reliable connections more important than ever.   

“Programs like Telecommunications underscore the importance of our efforts to meet industry needs, so our students are equipped with the required skills and experience as they enter the workforce,” said Dr. Jeff Rafn, NWTC president.  

Students enrolled in Telecommunications will learn safety procedures, basic rigging and fall protection, principles of electricity, fiber optics and wireless technology, and spectrum management. Graduates will complete the National Wireless Safety Alliance Tower Tech certificates and be prepared to install and maintain cell, emergency response, and antenna systems.