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Scholarship recipient thanks donors for believing in him

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Michael Weaver, Physical Therapy Assistant student
Michael Weaver, Physical Therapy Assistant student

NWTC student Michael Weaver ‘21 didn’t believe college was in the cards for him.

He lived an unstable childhood, he said, moving from state to state with his mother. The harder times were, the harder he worked. Weaver was determined to make his life better.

He graduated from Preble High School in 2008 and earned a college degree in massage therapy.

Weaver wants to improve health for everyone, so he enrolled in NWTC’s Physical Therapy Assistant Program.

“I want to bring together massage therapy and physical therapy and help people to care for themselves,” he said.

Going back to college a second time is tough, as he also juggles a job and takes care of his son, but Weaver was determined. “I told myself, I’m going to get good grades. I’m going to work hard,” he said.

Weaver used much of his available funding at his previous college, so he applied for scholarships through the NWTC Educational Foundation and received the Bellin Health Scholarship in Honor of Dr. Mark Reinke.

Weaver said he is forever grateful for the donors who believed in him.

“To think that somebody out there thought that a guy right there deserves this, because he is going somewhere,” Weaver said in disbelief, “I felt like I was going to cry. This scholarship isn’t only a blessing, but it’s a gift.”

“It’s a symbol that I can show my son, that no matter what life throws at you, you can get an education and achieve your goals.”