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Meet Natalie Magnin: NWTC’s new alumni and donor relations coordinator

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Natalie Magnin has joined the Alumni and Foundation Department and she is excited to hear from NWTC graduates. She is on a mission to gather alumni success stories for newsletters, social media and NWTC’s Distinguished Alumni Award.

“I love meeting new people!” Magnin said. “I’m looking forward to hearing how much NWTC has made an impact on alumni and how their journeys began.”

She said she is especially proud to be connecting with alumni this spring, as so many of them have been providing health care, public safety and other essential services when Northeast Wisconsin needed them most. Magnin also helps graduates stay involved with NWTC through volunteer opportunities, scholarship selection and more.

Magnin is extending an invitation to alumni: Don’t hesitate to reach out. “Call our office, send an email, start a conversation on Facebook—if you want to connect, I would love to hear your story!”

Natalie Magnin, Alumni and Donor Relations Coordinator