Universal Driving Facility

Universal Driving Facility

The Universal Driving Facility offers classes and training for NWTC students, law enforcement, EMS, and fire departments throughout Northeast Wisconsin and beyond. 

Available training opportunities: 

  • Defensive and arrest tactics 
  • Emergency vehicle operation and control training 
  • Nighttime/low-light vehicle contact 
  • Taser training 
  • Firearms dry drills 
  • Force-on-force exercises and scenarios  
  • SWAT operations 
  • Barricaded subjects in vehicles 
  • Motorcycle, commercial vehicle, and CDL/semi-truck driving classes 

View our training spaces: 

Experience real world training scenarios in facilities designed with your needs in mind – a multipurpose area that can be changed for each class, a simulator room that provides a real feel for specific driving situations, and a garage that is an excellent space for vehicle contact training.  

Plus, with features including a roundabout and a crest, our driving track enables students and public safety professionals to practice approaching a hill containing blind spots and prepare for unknown obstacles. 


4975 Glendale Ave
Howard, WI 54313

Map with Directions

To learn more about training opportunities and renting this facility contact: 

Jason Weber, Public Safety Training Coordinator