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Pride and Allies Employee Involvement Group

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Pride and Allies EIG logo
Pride and Allies EIG logo

The Pride and Allies Network serves to foster an inclusive, open campus community, advancing equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, inter-sex and allied (LGBTQIA) people at NWTC. The group's work promotes recruitment and retention of LGBTQIA employees by presenting opportunities to network, socialize, and address inequality in the college culture.

According to Jan Scoville, chair, the Pride and Allies Network supports employees by reviewing benefits and bringing up issues of inclusivity; working to identify NWTC as an LGBTQIA friendly college; partnering with other employee involvement groups to support social justice events; and communicating inclusivity and "safe" space at all NWTC locations.

"It is important to intentionally communicate to a minoritized group that can be invisible to others," Scoville said. She recalled her own experience as a lesbian from a small rural community in which there were very few "out" people to identify with as role models. Acclimating to new work environments always posed the question about coming out and being her authentic self.

"I learned early in my coming out process that it was important to tread lightly with my identity. I would listen intently to people's language and look for signs of openness before sharing my identity so I could be my authentic self," she said. Scoville's lived experience is at the heart of why she initiated the approval process for the employee involvement group.

Pride and Allies meets monthly to keep moving the group's goals forward. The organization is open to anyone committed to addressing LGBTQIA issues.

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Jan Scoville
Jan Scoville
Dean, Regional Learning

Jan Scoville is the Dean of Regional Learning, overseeing 8 NWTC rural satellite locations. She has worked in higher education for more than 30 years with experience in residential living, student conduct, overseeing sexual misconduct processes, teaching, counseling and advocating for minoritized populations. She serves on the board of the Bay Area Arts and Culture Alliance and is a member of the National Association of Branch Campus Administrators. In her free time, Jan enjoys finding treasures in thrift stores and creating in her art studio.

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