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Employee Involvement Groups

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Employee Involvement Groups

Employee Involvement Groups

Dedicated to cultivating a diverse, inclusive workplace through collaboration

Looking for an opportunity to grow personally and professionally?

Want to help foster a workplace culture that recognizes and celebrates the uniqueness of NWTC employee backgrounds, experiences, needs, skills, and stories?

Become part of an Employee Involvement Group!

About Employee Involvement Groups

  • Focus on a common human characteristic such as race, ethnicity, generation, ability, gender, and sexual orientation.
  • Help promote an inclusive environment that encourages involvement and builds stronger connections among individuals who may have felt excluded in the past.
  • Open to all employees who want to support the goals of the EIG. That means even if you do not personally identify with the common characteristic of an EIG, you may join as an ally – a critical role in cultivating learning and understanding of underrepresented areas.

What do EIG members do?

Members of the EIGS express their perspectives/experiences to build cultural awareness, respect, and inclusiveness within the College. They are involved in networking, social gatherings, and opportunities to identify barriers within the workplace. For more information, connect with the chair contacts listed below.

What are the active EIGs?

Hmong Professionals Employee Involvement Group

Hmong Professionals Group

Chair / Contact:  Pakou Thao, Talent Development Assistant  920-498-6840

Chair Contact:  Xai Yang, Executive Assistant to VP, Learning 920-498-6972

Intertribal Employee Involvement Group

Intertribal Employee Involvement Group

Chair Contact:

Pride and Allies Network Employee Involvement Group

Pride and Allies Network

Chair Contact:  Jan Scoville, Regional Learning Dean 920-498-6259

Women of Color Network Employee Involvement Group

Women of Color Network

Chair Contact:  Zianya Saldaña, Admissions Advisor  920-498-6388

Chair Contact:  Veronica Zarate, Academic Coaching Coordinator 920-498-6902