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One of the most desirable aspects of NWTC, Green Bay, and the Northeast Wisconsin area is that they are all remarkably safe places to live and learn. Many large cities in the United States and many high-population density states such as New York, Texas, Florida, or California are popular destinations for international students; however, they are also sometimes dangerous places to live.

We encourage international students to consider places like Northeast Wisconsin where they can feel safe from violent crimes. Wisconsin’s violent crime rates are 41.34% below the national average. For our regional campuses in Sturgeon Bay and Marinette, violent crime rates are a remarkable 83-89% below the national average. The NWTC main campus is located on the outer edges of the city of Green Bay, where nearby community statistics show rates varying between 61% and 90% below the national average. Nearly 90% of incidents in the city of Green Bay were property crimes, such as theft or burglary. As is necessary everywhere, we always encourage students to be aware of their surroundings, but to be especially vigilant about locking up their apartments and personal property when away from home or at school. 

At NWTC, we have a campus security department and security team. They can be seen in the hallways and patrolling the parking lots. They are always friendly and ready to help students with concerns. Several students take advantage of our safe-walk program which allows safety officers to walk with students to their destination after dark. Our lead security officer, a former police officer with years of experience working in public safety, makes regular reports to our Student Senate regarding campus safety concerns. Luckily, those reports are usually brief and in most cases are friendly reminders not to leave personal items laying around. 

We know that several students have serious concerns about studying in the United States because they have heard news stories talking about violence in the United States. We really want to emphasize that NWTC is located in a very safe area and we know that students will feel safer here than almost anywhere else in the country!


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