Classes have resumed online and via remote flexible learning. Check email and Blackboard for updates. All NWTC facilities are closed to the public and students until April 24. All campus resources are available by phone, chat, email or text.


Additional Resources

Students helping each other


NAFSA“Sources of Funding for Post-Secondary Study in the United States” – a general list of categories students are encouraged to explore in pursuit of funding. 

EduPass“Financial Aid for International Students” – This website is dedicated to helping international students pursue funding for higher education in the United States. 

Testing (NWTC will accept scores from any of the following):

ETSTOEFL Exam – a widely recognized test of English Proficiency 

IELTSIELTS Exam – another widely recognized test of English Proficiency 

CollegeBoardSAT Exam – This is the most widely recognized test for U.S. undergraduate college entrance examinations. It tests a variety of skills including math and English language ability. 

ACT, Inc.ACT Exam – The second most recognized college entrance exam, also testing a variety of skills. 


NAFSA –“NAFSA International Education Marketplace” provides a general listing of a wide variety of services for students and colleges alike. Includes English language learning, testing services, conferences and publications, recruitment fairs, translation services, passport/visa services, tax services, etc. 

U.S. News and World Report – “Studying in the United States” – A media resources that provides college rankings, support for international students interested in U.S. study, paying for college, and news stories designed to help prepare students for study in the United States. 

International Student – "International Student Resources" – International Student is a for-profit company which seeks to support international students. Their resources webpage is detailed and useful for introducing a variety of topics to potential students.